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Artist Statement

I am intrigued by issues of female identity, the myth of perfection, and perceived expectations of self.   As a wife and mother I find myself inundated with messages about what I should aspire to have, such as: the perfect house, the perfect family, the perfect ageless face.  My work is a response to the behavior and compulsions related to striving for and maintaining a faultless appearance.  I use drawing and mixed media to explore female experience from the vantage point of the white picket fence.

Domestic life provides an abundance of miscellaneous items existing only to make things look nice.  Closets and drawers overflow with pretty wallpaper, gift wrap, china plates, doilies, lace, and buttons.  I employ lovely household detritus as a foil to the ugly side of human nature, endeavoring to charm and unsettle the viewer simultaneously. 

Friends and neighbours contribute materials for me to use in my projects.  I also obtain items at local garage sales and auctions.  As I collect materials I am often privy to confessions as to how the items were stuffed into closets, basements, sheds and other places the unsightly parts of our lives are stashed away.  Histories of the people connected to the objects are often discussed; personal connections imbued in the items are transferred to the work.   My work provides a means to record the unspoken experiences of domestication and encourage further discussion of subjects considered unmentionable, such as: aging, jealousy, obsession, addiction, mental illness, competition and repression.  


Lindsay Arnold is a Canadian-American visual artist, singer/songwriter and animator living in the tiny village of North Portal, Saskatchewan.  She graduated from the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology’s Cinema, Television, Stage and Radio program with honours in 1997.  

Over the past 15 years, Lindsay has exhibited her paintings and drawings in solo and group exhibitions throughout Canada and United States.  Her exhibition, Garden Immaculate, was selected for OSAC’s Arts of the Move, and toured over 20 Saskatchewan galleries.  She has received Saskatchewan Arts Board and Creative Saskatchewan grants to support her work.    Her stop-motion video, Table Dance, has been screened internationally, including the Videomedeja Film Festival in Novi Sad, Serbia.   She shares the fun of stop motion animation at classes and events with her interactive invention, Stop Motion-O-Matic, a portable animation studio.   Her most recent short film, The Messenger, was selected for  Moving Pictures, an augmented reality exhibit featured in Saskatchewan and still continuing its journey out into the world.

In 2017, she joined with long-time friends, Mike Davis and Jeff D. Michel, to form the folk/roots trio, Hook & Nail.  Lindsay contributed her lyric writing and vocals to the band’s 9-track debut album, Ghosts of Taylorton, which ranked No. 4 on the Best Saskatchewan Albums of 2018 list sponsored by Sask Music.   The group was nominated for a 2020 Canadian Folk Music Award for Best New/Emerging Artist of the year.  In November 2019, Lindsay and Mike decided to start a duo project, Last Birds.  Their debut was released Oct 16th, 2020 despite set backs caused by the COVID 19 pandemic.   Their song was featured on syndicated radio programs and their self produced music video was viewed over 6000 times on Facebook during its first days of release.

 When Lindsay is not in her studio painting, making videos or writing a song, she can be found parenting her 12-year-old daughter or working as the municipal administrator for the Village of North Portal and Village of Roche Percee. She credits both these jobs as providing a wealth of inspiration for her creative endeavors.





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Curriculum Vitae


1997  Cinema, Television, Stage & Radio, Southern Alberta Institute of Tech., Calgary, AB

Solo Exhibitions

2018   Tedium, Art Gallery of Regina, Regina, SK

2018   Tedium, Washington Pavilion, Sioux Falls, SD

2017   Tedium, Taube Museum of Art, Minot, ND

2017   Tedium, STM Gallery, Saskatoon, SK

2016   Heirlooms, Hollow Earth Gallery, AlsoAsWellToo Artist Book Library, Winnipeg, MB

2015   Rooted: The Daphne Dilemma, curated by Griffith Aaron Baker, The Mann Art Gallery,

           Prince Albert, SK

2014   Through the Looking Glass, Estevan Art Gallery & Museum, Estevan, SK

2012-15  Garden Immaculate, toured by the Organization of Saskatchewan Arts Council’s Arts                                        on the Move Program to 15 Saskatchewan venues

2010    Rooted, Estevan Art Gallery & Museum, Estevan, SK

2005   Weeds, Melville Community Works, Melville, SK

Group Exhibitions

2020 Moving Pictures, curated by Sandee Moore, Art Gallery of Regina, SK

2017    Broken Hearts, curated by Elke McGuire, Art Gym, Denver, CO

2016    Works on Paper, MAWA Members Showcase, Winnipeg, MB

2016    Hearth, curated by Jenny Western, Estevan Art Gallery & Museum, Estevan, SK

2014    Working Moms, curated by Jeff Nye, Last Mountain Lake Cultural Centre,

             Regina Beach, SK

2011     Mind the gap!, by Amanda Cachia & Jeff Nye, Dunlop Art Gallery, Ottawa Art Gallery

2009     Mind the gap!, by Amanda Cachia & Jeff Nye, Dunlop Art Gallery, Regina, SK 

2007     Connections of Spirit, Estevan Art Gallery & Museum, Estevan, SK

2004-06   The Uncanny Landscape, toured by the Organization of Saskatchewan Arts Council’s Arts                              on the Move Program to 15 Saskatchewan venues     

2004       Visions: As We See It, Estevan Art Gallery & Museum, Estevan, SK

Festival Screenings:

Table Dance, 2017, 3:12, stop motion video

2018  Washington Pavilion, Sioux Falls, SD

2018   Sled Island Music & Arts Festival, Calgary, AB

2017   21st International Video Festival VIDEOMEDEJA, Novi Sad, Serbia

2017   WNDX Festival of Moving Image, Winnipeg, MB

2017   Quickening, Experimental Animations by Mothers, Chicago, IL

Publications and Media:

2016      The Jealous Curator. (2016 Dec 15), Lindsay Arnold

2016      Eat Your Arts and Vegetables, (2016) CKUW 95.9FM Winnipeg, 26 May

2016      The Jealous Curator. (2016 Mar 14), Lindsay Arnold

2015     October’s Best Vine (stop motion video), AkimboTV’s #6SECGLORY Competition

2012     Garden Immaculate, By Lauren Fournier, OSAC, Regina, SK

2009    Mind the gap!, By Amanda Cachia,  Exh. cat. Regina, SK: Dunlop Art Gallery

Public Art:

2010    Visions of Roche Percee, Vision Art Guild collaboration, Village of Roche Percee    

2006   Visions of North Portal, Visions Art Guild collaboration, permanent installation at the North Portal Community Centre

2005    Grandview, Community Art Project, North Portal Community Centre


2015     Garden Immaculate, Saskatchewan Arts Board

2010    The Stifled, The Hypocrite, The Wielder, Estevan Art Gallery & Museum

2006    Weeds, Meyers Norris Penny LLP

2005     NWMP Map Project, Estevan Art Gallery & Museum


2015     Individual Artist Project Grant:  Sask Arts Board

Professional Experience

2017             Director, CARFAC Sask Board

2016-17       Visual Arts Committee, Estevan Arts Council

2015-16       Advisory Committee Member, Artist in Residence Program, Estevan Arts Council

2015             Participant, CARFAC Mentor in Residence Program, Mentor Adrian Stimson

2008-15      Art Instructor, Estevan Arts Council, Weyburn Arts Council

2009-10     Bookbinding & Wheat Paste Mentorship with  Martha Cole, Disley, SK

2006-08    Gallery Educator, Estevan Art Gallery & Museum

2005-06    CARFAC SK Mentorship with Mentor Holly Fay, Regina, SK

2005-15     Organizer, Visions Art Guild Annual Artist Retreat,  North Portal, SK




Visions Art Guild

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