Lindsay Arnold
Artist, Musician and Filmmaker



Lindsay Arnold is a multidisciplinary artist living and working in North Portal, Saskatchewan. Over the span of her 20 year career, Lindsay has used painting, drawing, filmmaking, and songwriting to share stories from a female vantage point. Her creative endeavours are guided by the desire to honour emotional and physical labour, with special focus on the unpaid work of women.  Lindsay's home on the lonely and often harsh Saskatchewan prairies is a reoccurring theme throughout her creative projects. 

Lindsay has exhibited her paintings and drawings in solo and group exhibitions throughout Canada and United States. Her exhibition, Garden Immaculate, was selected for OSAC’s Arts on the Move, and toured over 20 Saskatchewan galleries. Her series, Tedium, was exhibited in the US and Canada including a group exhibit in Santa Barbara, California curated by Danielle Krysa aka The Jealous Curator. 

Lindsay's work as a folk songwriter focuses on the harsh realities of prairie life, both past and present.  Drawing on local lore, family history and her own personal experiences, Lindsay's goal as an artist is to reveal the emotional and physical struggles of rural living. Using folk, bluegrass and early country influences, she strives to write songs that slip easily along a timeline of 100 years past to the present. Inspired by the artists, Gillian Welch, The Civil Wars and The Carter Family, the songs feature close vocal harmonies layered over acoustic guitars.

Lindsay’s work weaves between her practices as a visual artist, filmmaker and musician. As a vocalist, guitarist, songwriter and manager, Lindsay is a member of two Saskatchewan folk groups, Hook & Nail and Last Birds. Hook & Nail was nominated for a Canadian Folk Music Award in 2020 for their debut album Ghosts of Taylorton, which Lindsay co-produced with her bandmates. In 2019 she formed Last Birds with her husband and writing partner Mike Davis. The duo was nominated for multiple Saskatchewan Music and Saskatchewan Country Music Awards in 2021, 2022 and 2024 including  Roots/Folk Artist of the Year and Alternative Country Album of the Year. 

As manager for Last Birds, Lindsay is a successful grant writer, securing funding from SK Arts and Creative Saskatchewan for the duo's current recording project, Endless Turn of Day Into Night released October 20th, 2023. Her dedicated DIY approach to promotion helped Last Birds’ debut EP reach #1 on Kansas Public Radio and the Top 20 on the Roots Music Report’s Folk Album and Canadian Folk Album charts.

Lindsay’s creative work includes making music videos as well as stop motion films. Her 2017 video, Table Dance, celebrates crochet and embroidery work produced by women in the mid to late 20th century. Over 160 doilies were used in the making of the short film which was screened at VIDEOMEDEJA in Serbia, The Quickening in Chicago, IL, and the WNDX Festival of Moving Image in Winnipeg, MB. In 2023 Lindsay won Best Music Video at the Saskatchewan Independent Film Awards and Saskatchewan Music Awards for the stop motion music video she created for Alexis Normand's song, Tous les matins.

Lindsay lives with her husband/bandmate and their young daughter in a house they built with their own hands. When she is not making music or art, she can be found working as a certified municipal administrator for the Village of North Portal.

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